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Welcome to Poly Tees! We have all kinds of poly-themed apparel and other products! We have the largest selection of PolyDragon items, an iconic Heart / Infinity design, the Official Poly Formula, and a whole bunch of humorous non-monogamous phrases! We offer classic lightweight t-shirts, but we have much more than that! We have tank tops, sweatshirts, raglan tees, hoodies, even shoes and underwear! In addition to apparel, we offer coffee mugs, mousepads, shoulder bags, teddy bears and more!

But what is poly? The word "poly" is short for "polyamory", which means, literally, "many loves". It is a form of responsible non-monogamous relationships where all people involved are aware of and give consent to having multiple romantic partners. There are as many different forms of non-monogamous relationships as there are people who have them. The key here, is being honest, responsible, and ethical.

Polyamorous relationships can take many forms. They can be polyfidelitous, meaning a group of people who consider themselves "married" to each other and are not open to outside romantic partners (much like monogamy but with more than one spouse) all the way to what we sometimes call "free agents" - people who behave as if they are single even when they have romantic partners (with full honesty and disclosure, of course), and everything in between. The majority of polyamorous relationships, however, are somewhere in the middle, such as inclusive networks. Many have rules or guidelines for when it is appropriate to take on new partners and the rules vary from group to group.

Poly relationships also take on many different configurations. There are Vees, Triads, and Quads. The most common, however, are Ns, Lines, Tribes and Networks.

We have some great resources in our Poly Links section that will explain all of these terms and much, much more, including links to Lovemore, Xeromag, The InnBetween, Polyamory.org, plus links to other poly-themed stores. And for those who already know all about Polyamory, we have a TON of merchandise to show off your poly nature! So c'mon inside and check us out!

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