The PolyDragon© is not a public domain graphic. The Infinity-Heart is probably the most well known poly graphic, but before that came the parrot (as in, Polly wanna cracker?). Eventually, someone got creative and made the infinity-heart out of 2 parrots.

Then, a man by the name of Michael Guminski came up with an idea of replacing the parrots with dragons, since he didn't much care for the parrot symbol. He eventually settled on a tribal version of dragons (which have nothing to do with polyamory, they just look cool), and gave that copyright to Villain Tees who offered the original version with uncrossed tails as a t-shirt design.

A few years later, the copyright was also offered to Poly Tees, who could provide the graphic on a wider variety of apparel, but who did not offer that graphic in white on the black t-shirt that Villain Tees did.

About a year or so after that, Poly Tees adapted the graphic to show the dragons with crossed tails and currently holds the copyright for that design. Villain Tees no longer sells the original uncrossed tail version of the PolyDragon and has given Poly Tees permission to use the white design on a black t-shirt.

This graphic requires permission to use. To obtain permission to use PolyTees graphics, visit our FAQs, located in the left-hand sidebar.

©2008 Poly Tees