Welcome to Poly Tees!

We have all kinds of poly-themed apparel and other items! We have the largest selection of PolyDragon items, an iconic Heart / Infinity design, the Official Poly Formula, and a whole bunch of humorous non-monogamous shirts! Some of our designs are subtle and will slide right under the radar of the more traditional-minded crowd, but some designs will stand right up and shout out your poly nature!

Many of our shirts are available in multiple colors and we offer things besides t-shirts too! We have tank tops, polo shirts, raglans, hoodies, underwear, sneakers, and even non-apparel like bumper stickers and teddy bears! Most of our designs are white by default, and sometimes those don't show up as well on the lighter-colored items (not to mention the white shirts!). So if you see a design you like but want it on a white shirt, a lighter shirt, a totally different style of shirt, or you want the design in a different color, Request A Style. Or if you have an idea for a design that you don't see here at all Request A Custom Design!

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