What's the story behind the PolyDragon©?
What about the infinity-heart and other images?
What's the deal with all this talk of copyright?
What kind of material are the T-Shirts made of?
What if I want a different kind of shirt?
I have a great idea for a shirt. How can I get one?
Can I pay by check or money order?
How much is shipping?
What is your return policy?
What forms of payment do you accept?
What is your privacy policy?
Can I link back to you on my own website or blog? / Do you do Link Exchanges?
Can I use images from your site?
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What's the story behind the polydragon©?
The PolyDragon© is not a public domain graphic. The Infinity-Heart is probably the most well known poly graphic, but before that came the parrot (as in, Polly wanna cracker?). Eventually, someone got creative and made the infinity-heart out of 2 parrots. Then, a man by the name of Michael Guminski came up with an idea of replacing the parrots with dragons, since he didn't much care for the parrot symbol. He eventually settled on a tribal version of dragons (which have nothing to do with polyamory, they just look cool), and gave that copyright to
Villain Tees who offered the original version with uncrossed tails as a t-shirt design. A few years later, the copyright was also offered to Poly Tees, who could provide the graphic on a wider variety of apparel, but who did not compete with Villain Tees directly by not offering that graphic on the black t-shirt that Villain Tees did. About a year or so after that, Poly Tees adapted the graphic to show the dragons with crossed tails and currently holds the copyright for that design.

This graphic requires permission to use and the copyright covers all derivatives, which means it cannot be used or reproduced in alternative colors, sizes, or any other variation.

What about the infinity heart and other graphics? Are those copyrighted too or can I just use them?
All graphics, images, and designs in the Poly Tees store are copyrighted because they were created exclusively for use for Poly Tees. This means that even the infinity-heart is a copyrighted version. The concept of a heart symbol and an infinity symbol cannot be copyrighted, even the concept of a heart and an infinity put together in this way, because the "heart" and "infinity" fall under the "common symbols" exemption. So anyone can make their own version of a heart and infinity symbol. But the stylistic version of an infinity heart can be copyrighted and the stylistic version used here can be trademarked if the specific version of the symbol is associated with the company, such as a company logo (for example, you can't copyright or trademark the letter "M", but McDonald's trademarked their version of the "M" as a logo so no one can use any version of an "M" that looks too much like the McDonald's "M"). There are many different versions of hearts and infinity symbols floating around on the internet, many of which the creators don't mind if you use. But this version, in all its colors, textures, sizes, and derivatives, is copyrighted and cannot be used without permission. It especially can not be used on products for sale, whether we offer that particular product or not, and it cannot be used on products that you created yourself in a one-off shop or other product producer to avoid paying us or our costs.

What's the deal with all this talk of copyright?
There are a lot of misconceptions about copyright law. First of all, all images, works of art, creative content, etc. are copyrighted the moment they exist. If it is a photograph, it is copyrighted as soon as the picture is taken. If it is a story or written material, it is copyrighted the moment it is put on paper or on a digital file. All the graphics used in the Poly Tees store were copyrighted the moment our graphic artists hit "save" on their computers. That is a right that US law grants to content producers automatically. Nothing has to be done to secure a copyright, although there are things that can be done to improve one's chances in court.

Once something exists, it is copyrighted, and no one is allowed to use it without the creator's or copyright holder's permission, unless the copyright holder specifically releases it into the public domain or under one of the Creative Commons licenses. If you use a copyrighted image without permission, you may be asked to stop using the image. The person who notifies you of your copyright violation does not have to be the owner of the copyrighted image. This is something that not many people understand. Anyone can notify anyone else about a copyright violation. The person doing the notifying just has to believe, in good faith, that a copyright violation has occurred, and does not have to be the owner or show proof of any kind.

The person notified is then responsible for removing the copyrighted image and ceasing use of the copyrighted image immediately. If the notice comes in the form of an official DMCA take-down notice, both the copyright violator and the internet service provider or host will both be held liable for damages if a DMCA take-down notice is ignored and the use of the copyright notice does not cease immediately. To put it simply, if you use a copyrighted image, anyone can tell you that you are violating the law and anyone can report you to whatever service you're using where the violation is taking place (i.e. Facebook, YouTube, CafePress, your ISP, etc.) When you get reported, your host is obligated by law to remove the image for you in whatever way they deem acceptable. They could simply delete the picture, or they could suspend your account. There is no loophole and no way around it. The image has to be removed first, and arguing about it in court can happen later. Any delay or refusal to comply with an official DMCA takedown notice or to follow the proper protocols of DMCA law is a violation of of copyright law with no exceptions.

Poly Tees will usually try to politely request that you stop using one of our graphics before we resort to official DMCA take-down notices or notifying your host. We understand that most people simply don't understand copyright law and that using our graphics is a form of flattery - a way to say how much someone liked it. We do not wish to be bad guys or hurt the very community we are trying to sell to. But we also are a for-profit business and this is how we make our living. The unauthorized use of our graphics hurts real people who are part of this very community. Please extend to us the same courtesy we are extending to you and do not use our graphics without permission. We have many options for people to use our graphics with permission and we will work with you to customize graphics for your use - at no charge! We aren't trying to be mean, we are trying to protect our business according to the law and put food on our tables, just like most of you.

What kind of material are the T-shirts made of?
All our T-shirts are lightweight 100% cotton. Our Camisoles, Raglans and Babydoll shirts are made of 100% pre-shrunk super soft cotton. Our Bikini Panties are made of 100% baby rib cotton, combed for softness and comfort with elastic band around waist and leg openings. Our Thongs are made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex from Bella. Our Polo Shirts are made of 100% cotton. Material may vary on Custom Shirts if you
request any other style of apparel. This information will be included in our Price Quote.

What if I want a different kind of shirt?
We offer many different styles of clothing upon request. Our most popular are the Camisole Tank Tops made of 100% cotton in black, white and pink; Sleeveless tees in black or white, and Babydoll T-shirts in black, white, kelly green, pink, red, navy, azalea or sky blue. To request a price quote for a Stagehand Tees design on a Camisole Tank Top, Sleeveless Tee or Babydoll, a different color or even a different style of shirt, fill out our
Request Form. You can also visit our Products Page to see all of the different shirt types and colors we offer.

I have a great idea for a shirt and I don't see it here. How can I get one?
We can make a custom shirt just for you! Describe it to us on our
Custom Shirt page and we'll send you a picture and price quote.

I do not have a credit card. Can I pay by check or money order?
You can send a check or a money order if the payment is drawn in U.S. funds from a U.S. bank and made payable to Spreadshirt, Inc. Payment can be mailed to the following address:

Spreadshirt, Inc.
1572 Roseytown Road
Greensburg, PA 15601, USA

Please note all checks received will be converted to ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions, and will be debited from your account. Your order will be processed once the transaction has cleared, which may take up to 5 business days.
If you wish to purchase one of our Non-Apparel products, the third-party service used is CafePress. You can view their
Payment Options page here. CafePress does not accept checks or money orders at this time.

How much is shipping, what service do you use, etc?
The cost of shipping for all apparel orders valued under less than $49.91 cost is $4.99 for shipping. Shipping for apparel orders valued between $49.91 and $119.90 is $7.99. Shipping for apparel orders valued between $199.91 and $169.90 is $9.99. Apparel orders worth more than $169.90 are shipped for free.
Your apparel order will be started during the next business day and may take up to two additional business days to ship.
Apparel orders will be shipped within the United States and Canada via standard USPS postal mail for packages not exceeding 13oz. in weight which is normally one XL men's t-shirt. Packages in excess of 13oz. will be sent via USPS priority mail. Canadian orders are subject to custom's fees and delays. Packages, though shipped in 24-48 hours, may take up to 2-8 business days to arrive depending upon the workload of the postal service.
International apparel orders will be shipped via Parcel Post Airmail. Shipping times to destinations around the world vary tremendously and may be subject to customs fees and delays.
Customs fees must be paid by the customer and are not included in the shipping costs charged by Spreadshirt.
Tracking for packages is not currently available for non-expressed shipments.
If you wish to purchase one of our Non-Apparel products, the third-party service used is CafePress. You can view their
Shipping policies here.

While we're at it, what about your return or cancellation policy?
From time to time, despite strict quality control, mistakes can arise. Defective products will be exchanged without question, or returned for a full refund. If a product is returned based on a error that Spreadshirt, our print partner, has made, any associated postage costs will be paid for. Please make sure that parcels are correctly stamped. Postage will be refunded when your refund is processed.
Please do not return goods without contacting us first. Please send an email with the order number and the problem to:
service@spreadshirt.com. Spreadshirt will then work out the return process with you individually. The service department will report on the progress of the process.
For more information on cancelations and changes to an order that hasn't arrived yet, visit the official Spreadshirt Help page and for the official Fair Return Policy, visit the official Spreadshirt Help page.
If you purchased one of our Non-Apparel products, the third-party service used is CafePress. You can view their Help & FAQ pages here.

And your payment policies?
At the moment, payment can be made, dependent on the country, by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Diner) regional debit cards or pre-payment.
Production of the order will start as soon as your credit card payment has been authorised.
Pre-paid orders are processed by our payment service Bibit, which is directly connected to Spreadshirt. Please make sure to clearly note the payment date, so that we can process your order as paid and start production. Please note that we do not start production before payments have been processed, and that processing can take between 2-4 work days.
If you purchased one of our Non-Apparel products, the third-party service used is CafePress. You can view their
Help & FAQ pages here.

Since we're talking policies, what about your privacy policy? What are you going to do with my info on all those forms?
Names and email addresses gathered through our request forms are for members of Poly Tees to contact you regarding your request ONLY. We will never sell or give out that information. Our shopping cart is provided by a third party and their privacy policy is:

We will only store data required for your transaction. This data will be passed on to our partners only if it is needed to process your order. All personal data is kept confidential.
We save your data only for processing your order. No data will be transmitted to and/or saved by third-parties. We will not use your data for advertising purposes without your express consent. You can withdraw consent at any time.
We protect your data by using SSL (*Secure Socket Layer) to secure all online data transmissions.

Privacy Protection
If you purchased one of our Non-Apparel products, the third-party service used is CafePress. You can view their Help & FAQ pages here.

Can I link back to you on my own website or blog?
The short answer is "yes". We prefer that links to our site go to our main page at
www.polytees.com whenever possible, but if you are referring to a specific shirt, a link to that shirt's detail page is also welcome.

Do you do Link Exchanges?
Sometimes. It depends on the content of your website and whether it is relevant to our target audience. We do not participate in link farms or trade links with unrelated content providers for the sole purpose of having lots of links to Poly Tees. If your website or blog is polyamory-related, and you offer a link to our website in a prominent location, on a Poly Resources page, or feature an item in a blog or news post, we will probably agree to exchange links. But if you offer unrelated products, intend to add our URL to some hidden page with hundreds of other links, or use a bot to send the link exchange request, we will probably not choose to link back to you.

We do offer banners and graphics to make linking back to us simple. If requested, we can also offer custom graphics set to your dimensions so that the graphic fits the aesthetics of your own website or blog.

Can I use images from your site?
We would prefer that visitors do not take images from our Shop, but we do have a selection of images available that can be used on your own website, blog, or group forum, as long as a link back to Poly Tees is included. You can make the image itself link back to us or you can make a text link near the image - we leave that up to you and how you prefer your website to look. We would also appreciate hearing about any usage of our images, but as long as the approved images and a link back are included, you don't have to notify us first.

Many people like using our copyrighted PolyDragon© image for user icons and forum pictures. Please use the graphic provided below with the copyright symbol and web URL intact, or contact us for a custom graphic. If there is an image you would like to use but it is not available below or you would like a graphic with different dimensions, please
Contact Us and tell us which image and dimensions you would like, and we will create a graphic for your use.

To use one of our graphics, simply right-click on the image and select "Save As".


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